March 28



Walked up to some steps to nowhere

Figuring they must go somewhere

Do I find out or imagine?

Will it be familiar to me

Or make me want to turn and flee?

Will they lead to wealth or ruin?

Will they lead to sadness or joy?

Will they entertain or annoy?

Nothing left to do but begin.


(A Nove Otto Poem)

March 24

Beauty Comes from All Angles



Need to

Focus on


The backs of flowers

Delighting in beauty

From every single angle

Exploring glory tucked away

As well as the grace sent skyward

Slyly distracting from all the splendor.


(An Etheree Poem)

March 22

I See A Smile




                                      Wearing a

                                New white hat of



(A Lanturne Poem)

March 21

In Like A Lion


Calendar says spring

But it’s still snowing

A vernal foot has fallen

The flakes weigh so much

Folks complain and such

Likely praying for pollen


Not me though, I’m thrilled

A snowman I’ll build

Snow any time of the year

Produces such joy

Others I annoy

As I let out a loud cheer.


(An Alouette Poem)