April 26, 2023



All night

The rain fell

Producing a fabricated sound

Much like

An out of tune guitar

And yet

It seemed to work

Like some obscure melody

On a far reaching

A.M station


With heads sunken into

soft pillows they

listen to the hard rain

Each silently deciphering

messages in the static

Desperately wanting

to tell each other

the secrets of the sounds

But not wanting

to ruin the moment.


Seamless bodies


Not knowing where one ends

And one begins

Rain gives way

Heart beats


Tired lungs


In and out

In and out


Now more tuned into each other

Sharing synchronous breaths

And gentle laughs

They remain silent and still

Enjoying every last note

Like a driveway moment when a favorite song comes on the radio

Thunder rattles

Eyes dart

Hearts jump

Hands grasp

Lights out

Inspiration – I’m in the online dating scene and connected with this guy who, when he learned I like to write poetry, suggested we collaborate on a poem together. We did this through texting. He wrote the first and we alternated stanzas. We chatted a bit and met once and you can guess by the title the ultimate result.

April 30, 2020

A common blue violet blooms in the crack of a boulder.



A seed lands, crack expands

Roots making life from hard rock

Water feeds new plant needs

In the shade of a great hemlock

Boulder becomes mineral crumbs

Roots, rock, rain in wedlock

Through sun and storms new soil forms

The tale of a forest epoch.


A Naturette Poem. A poetry form I invented to write about a tiny detail of nature.

The 8-line poem has the following rhyme scheme and syllable count:









December 20


This Rain Shoulda Been Snow


This rain shoulda been snow

It’s December 20

But it’s sixty degrees

It is disconcerting

I worry for the trees


This rain shoulda been snow

The creeks rise once again

noisily tumbling

behind the town’s facade

groaning grumbling


this rain shoulda been snow

feet accumulating

softly and silently

muting society –

the rains acts violently


This rain shoulda been snow

hoping winter gets cold

that the cold hard rains stop

and the snow starts at last

Please send flake over drop


A Monchielle Stanza

November 17

Autumn Snowfall


An autumn snowstorm has all the allure

Burgundy and golden leaves fall

With the unique snowflakes

A surprising




Looks like nature’s mistake

Colors mixed with no color at all

A collection of all nature’s grandeur

Consistently proving she’s not a bore

She just can’t help but to enthrall

Puts all the time she takes

Slowly devising

Field work



The seasonal outbreaks

Bright sun, fall leaves, gray rains, snow squalls

An autumn snowstorm has all the allure.


(The Balance)

November 9

Everyday I’m Shufflin’


Did anyone notice the line

In the leaves as they shuffled through

Amazed at what water can do

As it cascades from the roofline

Nature’s artwork so sublime

Only for temporary view

Until new weather does ensue

A new masterpiece reflects time


(A Brace Octave)

November 5

Rainy Day


Heavy chunky rainclouds rumble

For my bumbershoot I bumble

And raincoat


Lightning makes me feel humble

Into my rainboots I stumble

In rainfall


This weather makes others grumble

Into the puddles I’ll tumble

In rainstorms


During my commute I mumble

Liquid windshield world a jumble

The rainscape


Do not let the camera tumble

To catch the fleeting I fumble

A rainbow


(A Compound Word Verse)

September 2

Real or Reality


Blank screen

Without it on I notice

The screech owl cooing in the dark quiet morning woods

The flimsy barrier of the screen door no resistance to the sound

And as the slightest hint of indigo

Begins to change the morning sky

Before any touch of golden sun appears

The barred owl also makes herself known

Echoing through the damp and still dark forest

As the dark, silent screen of the television

Reflects back to me my position

on the couch with morning tea

I can hear the faint content purr of Tom Cat

And feel his soft fur against my thigh

A small warm spot on this mild

Late summer morning

Another day beginning

As the golden enters the sky

A gentle breeze briefly causes the heavy dew to rain down

To the driveway from large leaves nearly ready to fall

With the spark of morning sun begins a chorus

First one loud clear voice above the constant din of katydid treble

Announcing the day has begun

Dozens more follow until the entire house and yard is filled with beginning

No power button just powerful.


(An Idyll Poem)

Image from public domain

August 21

Rainy Day


All this month’s rain has my flowers flopping

Poorly drained soils now a slip and slide

From humidity there’s no place to hide

There’s fun to be found in puddle hopping

Endless gray skies show rain is not stopping

Cut sagging blooms sit in a vase inside

The radar show the storm’s coverage is wide

And outside just everything is sopping.

The cut flowers brighten the gloomy day

Providing sunshine when nature does not

Sound of the rain on the roof eases

For some the rain creates a time for play

And other time to get soup in the pot

For so many the gentle rain pleases.


(An Italian Sonnet)

September 1

Correct by Chance


Severe weather events

Flooding, blizzards, coating ice

Hurricanes, drought, pelting hail


Welcome weather events

Heatwave break, thundersnow, gentle soaking rains

Thunderstorms, inches of powder, clear starry skies


All of this happened … but not as you predicted


(A Sevenling Poem)