February 20, 2020

Dots dashes spots splashes

Patterns of Morse code for the bees

Moths and flies fly from skies

Descending from up in the trees

Finding sweet nectar treat

At the tail end of winter freeze

Early blooms fragrant fumes

Wake insects from their winter zzzz

Naturette Poem

8 lines with the following syllable count and rhyme scheme about small finds in nature.









July 23,2019

Necrophila americana

The American Carrion Beetle



Feeds life

Soft Maggots

Are tasty snacks

Carrion Beetles

Consume flesh and fungus bites

While transplanting mites

Eating what we won’t

Try forcing us

And we may




An Arkquain Poem

November 2



Sticky fig needs a wasp to fruit

Otherwise it’s all leaves and root

This fact the squeamish may dispute

Tiny wasp pollinates

Leaves eggs and wings along her route

In fig’s sweet flesh, tastes great.


(A Burns Stanza or Standard Habbie)

October 28



When the moths no longer welcome me home

I know that winter is soon on the way

It’s sad to slip past the porch light alone

No night flying lovelies amidst the glow

Acknowledging the end of the work day

Tawny and buff with stripes of color for show

They are as compelling as the night sky

Hiding among ridges of bark by day

Emerging at night to dance as they fly


(A Nocturna Poem)

October 16



Nice try katydid but you are no leaf

Stick in cold pause in the October dawn

In slow motion until the cool is gone

Soaking in the sun’s rays for some relief

Up in the boughs you may never be seen

Down on the bark you’re the only thing green

This time of year the cool morning is brief

As sun steals the chill like a sly thief

You’re a target here now so green on the bark

Sure you were safe but it’s no longer dark

As the day brightens it’s nature’s belief

It’s time to conclude your chirps and your trills

Ending the night of adventures and thrills

‘Til dark katydid, go hide on a leaf


(A Mabini Sonnet)