March 17



Now we know how it feels to be

Living inside a still snow globe

With trees wearing snow like a thick robe

The winds blowing flakes all glittery

Surrounded by snow suddenly.

Snow settles in on trails knee deep

Making them soft, even the steep

The snow begins to settle down

The wind blows and shakes it around

Inside we make memories to keep.


(A Decima Poem)

February 6

School Daze


Gangly kids tumble from the bus

Pushed forward by those giant packs

Drooping heavily on their backs,

Chatting with so much to discuss.

Stopped, I recall when this was us.

Tall sisters leaving backseat friends

‘Til morning, planning how to spend

Time until then, bike rides to take,

Which books to read, tree forts to make.

Red lights stop, adult life transcends.


(A Decima Poem)