November 17

Autumn Snowfall


An autumn snowstorm has all the allure

Burgundy and golden leaves fall

With the unique snowflakes

A surprising




Looks like nature’s mistake

Colors mixed with no color at all

A collection of all nature’s grandeur

Consistently proving she’s not a bore

She just can’t help but to enthrall

Puts all the time she takes

Slowly devising

Field work



The seasonal outbreaks

Bright sun, fall leaves, gray rains, snow squalls

An autumn snowstorm has all the allure.


(The Balance)

October 9

Better Prepare


Red and golden leaves clatter to the ground

There’s a crisp clear freshness in the air

Acorns and black walnuts drop all around

Winter is coming! We have to prepare!


Gray squirrels sprint without a minute to spare

Tan sycamore fluff falls without sound

Migrating birds have stripped fruiting plants bare

How quickly the seasons change does astound


Winter food buried in earthen mounds

Tree nuts planted in every open square

Wildlife shows us sustenance abounds

Winter is coming! We have to prepare!


(A Quandrel Poem)

October 5

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year


Mundane green grass covered with color bright

Each day there is just a little less light

Some find this time extremely depressing

These are all clues winter is in sight


This is the time when I feel alive

The darker, colder season’s when I thrive

Colorful leaves and soft snowflakes amaze

Thrilled when fall and winter arrive.


(A Rubyat Poem)

June 7



Water falls down

Gray and brown rocks

The sound roaring

Never boring

It’s pouring new spring rainfall


Summer brings drought

Drying out falls

Throughout hot days

Shining grays dull

Sluiceways no longer noisy


Icy cascade

Snow pack made fluid

Rocks fade under flow

Landing below

Where slow trickle brings new life.


(A Yadu Poem)

April 11

The Four Seasons


Orion stands up in the sky

Silently unique snowflakes fly

Woodstove full and warmly glowing

With each moment days are growing, lips and skin dry


Up in the sky Leo now sits

New jeweltone flowers are sunlit

Songbirds are back to raise their young

Cleansing raindrops to dance among, warming a bit.


Scorpio rises up at night

Flowers everywhere glowing bright

Arm sleeves rolled up over shoulders

Lone bonfire ember smolders, cool sheets just right


Pegasus marks the shorter days

Trees put on colorful displays

Through fallen leaves hiking boots crunch

Birds and butterflies by the bunch migrate away.


(A Florette Poem)

March 21

In Like A Lion


Calendar says spring

But it’s still snowing

A vernal foot has fallen

The flakes weigh so much

Folks complain and such

Likely praying for pollen


Not me though, I’m thrilled

A snowman I’ll build

Snow any time of the year

Produces such joy

Others I annoy

As I let out a loud cheer.


(An Alouette Poem)

March 12

Change is on the way


Skunk cabbage! The first sign that spring

Is just a few sunsets away,

It’s mottled flowers reminding

To set the clocks forward timing

Transition to new kinds of play.


Near time to stow board and bindings

Pull tent and bike from where they stay

Prepare for warm weather hiking.

Don’t yet put snow gear in hiding

Maybe we’ll still have a snow day.


(A Copla Real Poem)

February 19



The calendar whispers,

“it is still winter here

in the northern hemisphere.”


The warm air envelopes

encouraging the soft hum of bees buzzing

hinting to something otherwise.


Countless bright purple crocus rise

to scream loudly

“spring is on the way!”


(A Triversen Poem)