February 20, 2020

Dots dashes spots splashes

Patterns of Morse code for the bees

Moths and flies fly from skies

Descending from up in the trees

Finding sweet nectar treat

At the tail end of winter freeze

Early blooms fragrant fumes

Wake insects from their winter zzzz

Naturette Poem

8 lines with the following syllable count and rhyme scheme about small finds in nature.









October 20

Salvia elegens


Pineapple sage, sweet scented mint – November blooms, glad to know it

Tropical plant, ruby red hint – soft light green leaves, had to sow it

Container bound, oh so fragrant – hummingbird bait, rad to show it

Matter of time, frost will kill it – yearly planted, mad to grow it.


(A Magali Shairi Poem)

October 18

Anemone japonica


White Japanese Anemone blooms

When the days grow shorter

While lighting up garden rooms

Wonderful during the season’s third quarter


How lovely are these flowers

Happiness on a stem

Hanging on into colder hours

Heroic late season gem


Only people who dare traverse

Onto garden paths in fall

Open their eyes and are immersed

Oddly in the beauty of it all


Nearing the end of the season

Nifty leaves change their hues

No they’re not the only reason

Needed to get out and enjoy the view.


( A Trolaan Poem)

July 22

Purple Beans


The purple beans are ready for harvest

From long vines upon the tired old fence

Of course there’s inspection with a taste test

Please believe the fresh-picked flavor is intense

Have to be sure not to eat the whole lot

Before I can get them into the pot.


(An English Sestet Poem)

June 29

Learning a New Language


While you’re planting a plant

Have you stopped to ponder

That this plant can’t wander?

What we can do it can’t

Thought its roots run rampant

It will not live yonder.


Why did you plant me here

Among these thugs and brutes

Where soil’s bad for my roots

Branches eaten by deer

Blooms hidden by those near

Oh why can’t I uproot?


What do plants have to say

About our garden display?


(A Hex Sonnetta Poem)