November 17

Autumn Snowfall


An autumn snowstorm has all the allure

Burgundy and golden leaves fall

With the unique snowflakes

A surprising




Looks like nature’s mistake

Colors mixed with no color at all

A collection of all nature’s grandeur

Consistently proving she’s not a bore

She just can’t help but to enthrall

Puts all the time she takes

Slowly devising

Field work



The seasonal outbreaks

Bright sun, fall leaves, gray rains, snow squalls

An autumn snowstorm has all the allure.


(The Balance)

November 9

Everyday I’m Shufflin’


Did anyone notice the line

In the leaves as they shuffled through

Amazed at what water can do

As it cascades from the roofline

Nature’s artwork so sublime

Only for temporary view

Until new weather does ensue

A new masterpiece reflects time


(A Brace Octave)

October 9

Better Prepare


Red and golden leaves clatter to the ground

There’s a crisp clear freshness in the air

Acorns and black walnuts drop all around

Winter is coming! We have to prepare!


Gray squirrels sprint without a minute to spare

Tan sycamore fluff falls without sound

Migrating birds have stripped fruiting plants bare

How quickly the seasons change does astound


Winter food buried in earthen mounds

Tree nuts planted in every open square

Wildlife shows us sustenance abounds

Winter is coming! We have to prepare!


(A Quandrel Poem)

July 18

Natural Art


As intricate as the patterns on a quilt

Subtle color, fine beauty beyond belief

Like an old stained glass window complete with gilt

Fascinating as a headdress on a chief

As complicated as the new building built

Textured like mosaic or bas relief

Reflecting sunlight like a jewelry box spilt

How can anyone think this is just a leaf?


(An Italian Octave)