August 25

Hibiscus moscheutos


Hibiscus flowers sparkle in the sun

Enormous blossoms undulate freely

Perennial and bold, astonishing

Like crepe, exquisite, splendid, delicate

Extraordinary and ordinary

Intensely colored designed for display

The bees can’t get enough pollen gold

And branches bend beneath the flowers’ heft

Each bloom’s display lasts only a day

But followed by another rapidly

The shriveled shuttlecock flowers tumble

To earth awaiting decomposition

As others take their places high above

Just filling the summer with amazing.


(A Blank Verse Sonnet)

July 24

Family Time


The glossy cards are scattered thoughtfully

Into the table’s center with the rest.

An arm extends across the oak with grace

Collecting counters, gathering more points.

Six wrinkled elbows buttress wrists and hands

And secrets hidden cleverly behind

The mass-produced design intended to

Conceal authentic power, building doubt.


(A Blank Verse Poem)