June 25

Art at the Tire Shop


I found art in the local tire store

While waiting for four new wheels and rear brakes

I have to wait, what more can I ask for?


What’s hidden inside is a mystery

It’s original form is history


Now a focal piece and a chair no more

Was the start of this a small mistake?

Or has the creator done this before?


You can find art in the strangest places

Beyond museums and display spaces


What artwork do I miss as I explore

Gathering groceries, addressing toothaches

Adding some excitement to what may bore


I need to live with my eyes open wide

Just never knowing where beauty does hide


Art is a lump covered in labels galore

At flea markets and on grocery store cakes

Or the dark doodles on a bathroom door


The art you see is in your state of mind

To what you call art others may be blind


It is of you reader I do implore

Remember in art there is no mistake

A happy accident someone will adore


Art is more than purchases from the store

It’s stickers and stencils and meter breaks

It’s more than home furnishing decor

It can be a chair at the tire store.


(A Gra Reformata Poem)

June 24

Sun Rays Two Ways One Day



crepuscular, golden

shining, radiating, awe-inspiring

illusion, perspective, physics, droplets

refracting, projecting, reflecting

multicolored, spectacle



(A Diamonte Poem)

June 23

Mid-life Career Change


I’d like to drive a race car

Earn a living driving fast

Drive fast today and I might

Pay speeding tickets


I’ve always had a lead foot

Here’s a way to make money

Making a living and I

Don’t have to slow down


The environmentalist

In me knows this is a waste

But my inner speed demon

Wants to race a car


(A few Dodoitsu Poems)

June 22

The Longest Day


With desire to view

The shortest night’s debut

We’re on the lake at twilight

From the seats of our boats

Time flying as we float

Sky shifts from washed-out to bright

A rainbow sans the arc

Daylight morphs into dark

We paddle into the night


(A Balassi Stanza)

June 21

First Day of Summer


Under an umbrella of sunshine, white clover flowers rise above their own heart-shaped foliage amidst a green mat of linear leaves. They shudder in the warm gentle breeze, stopping only momentarily before vibrating again.

Bees visit flowers

Buzzing to bring life before

Mower buzzes through


(A Haibun Poem)

June 20

The View at the Top


I hike the rain slicked trail, gazing from ground to wood

Afraid to trip on rocks, afraid to miss the good

Torn between what I want to do and what I should

Looking ahead and looking back to where I stood.


I don’t do this enough, so I need frequent breaks

To pee behind a tree, to ease my lungs from ache

Slowly I ascend the steep, resting when calves quake

Reaching the summit, I know this was no mistake.


(An Awit Poem)