December 21




Whose woods these are I think I know

One must have a mind of winter to regard the frost and the boughs of the pine-trees crusted with snow

On a clear winter’s evening the crescent moon and the round squirrels nest in the bare oak all equal planets

Thus having prepared their buds against a sure winter the wise trees stand sleeping in the cold

Suddenly, in every tree, an unseen nest where a mountain would be


A Cento Poem

Lines from the following poems about winter:

Winter Trees – William Carlos Williams

Choices – Tess Gallagher

Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening – Robert Frost

The Snow Man – Wallace Stevens

Winter Twilight – Anne Porter


November 19



Two roads diverged in a wintery wood

They will converge again with different tales

One trail to the creek, one between hardwoods

One should keep your feet dry, boulders to scale

Other entails wet rocks hops and strong deadwood

Each would be a challenge, now to pick a trail


(A Wreathed Sestet with a nod to Robert Frost)

November 18

Tsuga canadensis


Where there is now a nascent hemlock stand

A grand hemlock of many years once stood

Should you want to know the story of the land

Stumps are shorthand for rains and winds withstood


(A Wreathed Quatrain)

November 15



Tracks in the snow let me know where you go

Gray squirrels run in circles throughout the woods

Near feeders the three-toed hops of junco

Woodpeckers pace up and down the ironwoods

Follow the heart-shaped tracks of buck and doe

We’re all leaving tracks through the neighborhood


(A Sicilian Sestet)

November 14

Winter Woods


They’re wondering about the shine out there

Mourning the fall on this frosty morning

Bare gray branches are more than they can bear

Warning us winter came without warning


No other season questions what you know

Wait while dormant branches support snow’s weight

So strong as below acorns gray squirrels sow

Ate one, shared one, then buried the next eight


I know winter’s magic astounds the eye

Piece of the woods covered in snow brings peace

Sky blue birds migrate past in the blue sky

Geese in their way in the v-shape of geese


Right now’s so stunning makes me want to write

Site’s so lovely it really is a site


(A Shadow Sonnet)