October 25

Happiness Is


Happiness is a sunny beach

Far from the summer’s white hot reach

Happiness is a muddy trail

With only boulders for guardrail

Tell me what’s wrong with gray skies

Nature’s all lovely in my eyes


Happiness is a rainy day

Liquid music tapping away

Happiness is the thundersnow

Ominous green skies all aglow

What’s wrong with an obscured sunrise

Nature’s all lovely in my eyes


Happiness is limbs dark and stark

Admiring the subtle bark

Happy is getting to explore

With the loving man I adore

Luckily I’ve come to realize

Nature’s all lovely in our eyes.


(A Stave Stanza Poem)

October 24

Where water meets rock


Resting beside rocks and water thought digesting

Digesting today’s news, aching muscles resting

Peace comes to me where the cold creek waters release

Release all stresses into the burbling peace

Seeking calm but getting a perspective tweaking

Tweaking expectations, transformation seeking


(A Mirrored Sestet)

September 26

Fearful Cocoon of Ego


Monarch butterfly floats

Flower to flower, over trees

Around leafy branches, between grass blades.

With feet on solid earth I watch afraid

I will never know gliding on the breeze.

But what if I devote

Time spent fearing to a mindful crusade

Each heartache a flower, I see

The plight as antidote.

In lieu of fear promote

Discomforts as a force esprit

All feelings as weightless escapade.


A Bragi Poem inspired by Pema Chodron’s following words from The Places that Scare You:

Although we have the potential to experience the freedom of a butterfly, we mysteriously prefer the small and fearful cocoon of ego.”

July 29



The beauty of lichens up close

As lovely as a coral reef

Tightly bound and crust-like – crustose

Diversity beyond belief

Pebble-like, clustered – squamulose

No need for SCUBA and debrief

The beauty of lichens up close

As lovely as a coral reef


Flat sheets and leaf-like – foliose

Closely explored in disbelief

Free-standing, branching – fruticose

A terra-firma reef motif

The beauty of lichens up close

As lovely as a coral reef


(A Rondel Prime Poem)

June 29

Learning a New Language


While you’re planting a plant

Have you stopped to ponder

That this plant can’t wander?

What we can do it can’t

Thought its roots run rampant

It will not live yonder.


Why did you plant me here

Among these thugs and brutes

Where soil’s bad for my roots

Branches eaten by deer

Blooms hidden by those near

Oh why can’t I uproot?


What do plants have to say

About our garden display?


(A Hex Sonnetta Poem)

June 25

Art at the Tire Shop


I found art in the local tire store

While waiting for four new wheels and rear brakes

I have to wait, what more can I ask for?


What’s hidden inside is a mystery

It’s original form is history


Now a focal piece and a chair no more

Was the start of this a small mistake?

Or has the creator done this before?


You can find art in the strangest places

Beyond museums and display spaces


What artwork do I miss as I explore

Gathering groceries, addressing toothaches

Adding some excitement to what may bore


I need to live with my eyes open wide

Just never knowing where beauty does hide


Art is a lump covered in labels galore

At flea markets and on grocery store cakes

Or the dark doodles on a bathroom door


The art you see is in your state of mind

To what you call art others may be blind


It is of you reader I do implore

Remember in art there is no mistake

A happy accident someone will adore


Art is more than purchases from the store

It’s stickers and stencils and meter breaks

It’s more than home furnishing decor

It can be a chair at the tire store.


(A Gra Reformata Poem)

June 24

Sun Rays Two Ways One Day



crepuscular, golden

shining, radiating, awe-inspiring

illusion, perspective, physics, droplets

refracting, projecting, reflecting

multicolored, spectacle



(A Diamonte Poem)

June 9

Positivity is the buzz word


The mosquito is annoying

And there is no doubt about it

Perhaps we can live without it

With my patience they are toying


Masters of camping destruction

The mosquito is annoying

Being out I’m not enjoying

To avoid I need instruction


Surprisingly they do some good

Repellent I am deploying

The mosquito is annoying

Helping frogs into adulthood


I’ll think twice before destroying

Assisting with pollination

Now I say with hesitation

The mosquito is annoying


(A Viator Poem)

April 29



On our recent adventure we took pictures of each other.

Home, we shared them telling what we love about one another.

Each of us focused on our features we liked least during the view

The things we can mention we love about ourselves are few

The quirky details we love about the other are untold,

We believe the other an amazing site to behold.

But looking in the mirror we see a face wrinkled and old

If only we could look through the loving eyes of the other

And see what the other can see with kindness and love anew.

When we love ourselves as we love the other, love becomes bold.


(A CinqTroisDecaLa Poem)