October 31

Hurts Costumed as Lesson

Lesson as Costumed Hurts


Hurt, mysterious, scary

Bundled scars, pain wrapped

Holding tears

Pressed tightly

Gifts bestowed with shrugs of


Of shrugs with bestowed gifts

Tightly pressed tears

Holding wrapped pain

Scars bundled

Scary, mysterious hurt


(A Palindrome Poem)


(A Mirrored Poem)

January 29

Life Among the Living


Lichens and Moss

Pale blue, gray and dark green

Damp and ruffled, delicately layered

Decorated branches

Weighted with


With weighted

Branches decorated

Layered delicately ruffled and damp

Green dark, and gray, blue pale

Moss and lichens.


(A Palindrome Poem)