This initiative began as a New year’s Resolution for 2018 – to write a poem a day. Inspired by my boyfriend who just completed a creative goal of his own, I wanted to intentionally spend time exploring my creative side and honing writing skills.

This is my place to experiment with different poetry forms using my photos as inspiration OR finding photos in my collection that match my poems. Admittedly some are horrid and some are silly but some I am quite proud of. Regardless I’m having fun and enjoying the challenge.

The throwback poems are poems I wrote some time ago through college and even in high school I am posting here so they are all in one space.

For more of my writing check out my space to combine my passion and prose at www.hortravels.com.



Learning patience and forgiveness with myself if I don’t get to a poem a day. Taking each day as it comes and trying to get back on track. It is a challenge for sure but why make resolutions except to challenge yourself.


Completed the year and continuing on as inspired.