October 17

Wild for Salmon


Wild salmon is from the great cold pacific

The fisherpeople there are quite prolific

Know what I make of it will be terrific.

Dolloped with shallots tomatoes lemon squeeze

And fresh herbs from my garden grown with great ease

This recipe seems it will be sure to please

This filet is so large I can make six meals

With good fats and nutrients, it’s food that heals

Healthy sustainable food has great appeal.


(A Muzdawidj Poem)

June 5

Nigella damascena


Sky blue and sapphire, sharp angles and points

These annual flowers never disappoint

Amidst a sea of ferny feathery leaves

Soft delicate look definitely deceives

Angled flowers fade, curvy seed heads appear

Purple striped sage green pods house seeds of next year

Love-in-a-mist some say it grows like a weed

Returning year after year from those small seeds


(A Mathnawi Poem)