December 6

Morning Ritual


After waking up

Before you head for coffee

While I still slumber

You walk around the bed and

Touch my foot, my heart is thrilled


As I tip toe by

Letting the darkness stay dark

I gather my clothes

Letting my love sleep her sleep

Until the spoon makes her wake.


My alarm goes off

Gather my clothes then head down

My shuffle is slow

The clang of the spoon wakes her

With her I start the new day


Eyes closed but aware

You are starting your long day

Before it begins

You lovingly touch my foot

Then creak down to make coffee


(A Somonka Poem)

Two versions:

1st = me then he

2nd = he then me

September 2

Real or Reality


Blank screen

Without it on I notice

The screech owl cooing in the dark quiet morning woods

The flimsy barrier of the screen door no resistance to the sound

And as the slightest hint of indigo

Begins to change the morning sky

Before any touch of golden sun appears

The barred owl also makes herself known

Echoing through the damp and still dark forest

As the dark, silent screen of the television

Reflects back to me my position

on the couch with morning tea

I can hear the faint content purr of Tom Cat

And feel his soft fur against my thigh

A small warm spot on this mild

Late summer morning

Another day beginning

As the golden enters the sky

A gentle breeze briefly causes the heavy dew to rain down

To the driveway from large leaves nearly ready to fall

With the spark of morning sun begins a chorus

First one loud clear voice above the constant din of katydid treble

Announcing the day has begun

Dozens more follow until the entire house and yard is filled with beginning

No power button just powerful.


(An Idyll Poem)

Image from public domain