August 13

Surprise Snack


Our for a paddle finding wild fruit

Kayak hulls knock against rocky shoreline

When we see the shrubs we make a beeline

Summer adventure with a snack to boot

Everything tastes better fresh from the source

And these small sweet dark berries hit the spot

It’s difficult not to grab the whole lot

Have to remember they’re all the birds’ got

One for us three for them without remorse

St. George Lake offers scenery for days

And many small islands to circumvent

Didn’t even need insect repellent

On Maine’s water with fruit we are content

Until the next time we paddle and graze


(An American Sonnet)

August 1

True Story


Again postponing morning’s stale routine

To reach the end of the chapters last line

I’ve quietly fallen into pages rapt.

Removing myself from this fictional scene

A task that feels impossible this time

In this real-feeling, fake story I’m wrapped.

The day is getting brighter here I lay

Departure time has come and gone, I stay

Ignoring alarms, foregoing caffeine

Avoiding clock faces, lunch is unmade.

This time is luxurious and obscene

My arrival at work will be delayed

Avoiding the academic machine

Entrenched deeply in fiction unafraid.


(An Alfred Dorn Sonnet)

May 22



I don’t know why but I grew it

To figure out now what to do

Bake, roast, mash, sauté, or stew it

To peel or leave as it grew.

          So sour to taste when I chew it

          These plants – don’t need more than a few


Rough green leaves grow to large sizes

Ruby red stalks are the best part

The flavor really surprises

Add sugar to make it less tart

          Sweeten when the chance arises

          Not eating the leaves is so smart


Don’t know if it’s veggie or fruit

All depends on how it’s applied

You ingest neither leaves nor root

Normally you don’t see it fried

          To grow is an easy pursuit

          To use you may be stupefied


I’m thrilled in my garden it grows

Each spring I choose to display it

In sauces and in pies it goes

Season’s end – how to delay it?

          The people who enjoy it know

          Craving – be sure to obey it.


(An Inverted Refrain Poem)

May 20

Angel Food Cake


Oh yes I baked a cake today

And yes the eggs my hens did lay

There’s lots of sugar don’t panic

It’s good for you it’s organic!

Some lime for flavor botanic

So tasty you’ll think me satanic

Please here have a slice gigantic

There is no need to get manic

Don’t worry about what you’ll weigh

Enjoy this sweetness in your day.


(A Duo-Rhyme Poem)

May 3

Successful Trip to the Bookstore


I softly sink into a brand new novel

Patiently paging through all of the chilling chapters

finding free spirits and hopeless heroes

relinquishing reality without worry

Delightful drama, hidden humor

comforting, complex, endlessly engaging

disappearing deeply in clever content.


(An Alliterisen Poem)

April 19

In the Kitchen


I love to cook from scratch

Each new recipe is a chance to learn

For me there really is no match


Can’t wait to get it down the hatch

My calories I earn

I love to cook from scratch


Making cookies batch after batch

Trying not to burn

For me there really is no match


Lowering mixer top, locking the latch

For homemade food I yearn

I love to cook from scratch


To a good recipe I will attach

And continue to return

For me there really is no match


Homemade food they will snatch

From processed, it’s easy to discern

I love to cook from scratch

For me there really is no match


(A Villanelle Poem)