April 30

Blue hole in a gray sky


Why did the gray clouds

Open to reveal blue skies

We don’t see anywhere else?


The lonely jack sighed

Wishing to play in the sun

Mother said “Dear, it shall come.”


(A Mondo Poem)

This collaborative poem was written with CJF who answered my question to him.

April 29



On our recent adventure we took pictures of each other.

Home, we shared them telling what we love about one another.

Each of us focused on our features we liked least during the view

The things we can mention we love about ourselves are few

The quirky details we love about the other are untold,

We believe the other an amazing site to behold.

But looking in the mirror we see a face wrinkled and old

If only we could look through the loving eyes of the other

And see what the other can see with kindness and love anew.

When we love ourselves as we love the other, love becomes bold.


(A CinqTroisDecaLa Poem)

April 28

Don’t Judge


Is that purple violet a weed?

No, Indeed!


Is the dandelion a pest?

Surely you jest!


What do I see in these beauties?

Precious cuties!


Let’s stop being so plant snooty

Stop judging every small flower

Without knowing its great power

No indeed, surely you jest! Precious cuties!


(An Ovillejo Poem)

April 27

Dear Sis


How is it that though

You’re 13 months younger than me

You seem to know

So much more, you’re worldly and savvy

Street smart, wise

Oh the life in those eyes.

It was I who jumped in to your bed

When it was thunder storming

And me you comforted

While visiting people in mourning.

I don’t think twice when

Something’s amiss

To seek your advice

I value dear sis.

According to the order of our birth

I should be the sage

But that concept has no worth

Wisdom has nothing to do with age.

I worry that your knowledge

Comes from life experiences hard fought

You didn’t learn all this in college

But the lessons hard blows of life taught.

I’m grateful for your comfort

And always sound direction

I consider you an expert

And wish I could offer you protection.

I love you little sis

And thank you for the shoulder

Though something feels amiss

Like you should be the older.


(An Epistle Poem)

April 26



When it comes to names my confidence wanes

I know it’s so lame and I blame my brain

Your name! Your name! I don’t recall

I just don’t remember at all

I know your face but your name escapes me

You name! Forgetting it sucks I agree.


Names of trees I am good at recalling

Can’t name thee, which is pretty appalling

Your name! Your name! I think I know

I won’t say it, my doubt will show

It’s a weakness of mine to be certain

Your name! Will you please remind me again?


(A Staccato Poem)

Photo courtesy of wikimedia commons – Creative Commons.

April 25

Making New Trees


Chartreuse catkins sway in the breeze

Waiting for a wind gust

The strategy of many trees

Avoiding need for lust

Dingle dangle through them wind flows

Pollen moving as the breeze blows

Dingle dangle

Dingle dangle

Where it may go nobody knows


Chartreuse catkins sway in the breeze

Pollen blowing around

No need for the efforts of bees

Set far above the ground

Swinging swaying dust releases

Gathers in corners and creases

Swinging swaying

Swinging swaying

With each gust the chance increases


Chartreuse catkins sway in the breeze

Causing irritation

Triggering in others a sneeze

And exasperation

Flutter quiver from way up high

Pollen clouds where songbirds fly

Flutter quiver

Flutter quiver

Creating new catkin supply.


( A Trijan Refrain Poem)

April 24

The Katsura Tree


Heart shaped leaves of my favorite tree

Tinged with red, newly appear

Destined to be fall debris

Dusting the ground in yellow cheer

Graces our noses with scent of sugar cookie

Scintillating throughout the year.


(A Harrisham Rhyme)

April 23

Don’t Tell Me What To Fear


Tell me what I should fear

Distract me with signage

While the real danger sits

Beneath it unlabeled

The dangerous culprit


Tell me what I should fear

Distract me with dumb tweets

And real fake news headlines

Ignore the authentic

Tightrope walk those fine lines


Tell me what I should fear

So I don’t have to think

I’ll just read and surmise

You’ve told me all I need

To make it to sunrise


Tell me what I should fear

I won’t think for myself

Like a lemming I’ll wait

For your next instruction

Free will I’ll abdicate.


(A Monchielle Poem)

April 21

What You Can Tell About Me from Today’s Clothes Line


Denim jeans I wear a lot

PJs are in stripes and dots


My wardrobe comes in greens and blues

And occasionally brighter hues


No paper napkins at my table

Don’t pay much mind to laundry labels


No little children in this home reside

No theme to my house can be found inside.


For separating colors I have no care

Hanging unmentionables I will not dare.


(A Con-Verse Poem)