July 24

Family Time


The glossy cards are scattered thoughtfully

Into the table’s center with the rest.

An arm extends across the oak with grace

Collecting counters, gathering more points.

Six wrinkled elbows buttress wrists and hands

And secrets hidden cleverly behind

The mass-produced design intended to

Conceal authentic power, building doubt.


(A Blank Verse Poem)

July 23

From the first ten pages


Twisted oracles swaddle the spirit reflected in flamingoes that ignite

Spontaneous sacrifice stumbles into stifling mystery

Sulky intricacies reflect deepening providence

Unspeakable mountains with gratuitous vigor cruelly vanish

Malicious water pummels absorbent blue elusiveness

Continuous dissolution absconds deflating the horizon


(An Abstract Poem)

Inspired by words found in the first ten pages of the first chapter of The Pilgrim at Tinker Creek By Annie Dillard.

July 22

Purple Beans


The purple beans are ready for harvest

From long vines upon the tired old fence

Of course there’s inspection with a taste test

Please believe the fresh-picked flavor is intense

Have to be sure not to eat the whole lot

Before I can get them into the pot.


(An English Sestet Poem)

July 20

Spoken Word


Unplanned poetry makes my day

Witness what the poet must say

Public word play that delights

Forget the subject’s relevance

Verse rhyme scheme or elegance

Simple eloquence unites


(A Cywydd Llosgyrnog Poem)

July 19

Permanent Bloom


In a garden full of real blooms

I’m drawn to the metal flowers

On the gates of the garden rooms


Lasting eons instead of hours

Never bothered by garden pests

Patinaed by weather’s power


Within may still find insect nests

Though not a perfect habitat

Upon it you’ll find a bird rests


(An Enclosed Triplet Poem)