November 17

Autumn Snowfall


An autumn snowstorm has all the allure

Burgundy and golden leaves fall

With the unique snowflakes

A surprising




Looks like nature’s mistake

Colors mixed with no color at all

A collection of all nature’s grandeur

Consistently proving she’s not a bore

She just can’t help but to enthrall

Puts all the time she takes

Slowly devising

Field work



The seasonal outbreaks

Bright sun, fall leaves, gray rains, snow squalls

An autumn snowstorm has all the allure.


(The Balance)

May 22



I don’t know why but I grew it

To figure out now what to do

Bake, roast, mash, sauté, or stew it

To peel or leave as it grew.

          So sour to taste when I chew it

          These plants – don’t need more than a few


Rough green leaves grow to large sizes

Ruby red stalks are the best part

The flavor really surprises

Add sugar to make it less tart

          Sweeten when the chance arises

          Not eating the leaves is so smart


Don’t know if it’s veggie or fruit

All depends on how it’s applied

You ingest neither leaves nor root

Normally you don’t see it fried

          To grow is an easy pursuit

          To use you may be stupefied


I’m thrilled in my garden it grows

Each spring I choose to display it

In sauces and in pies it goes

Season’s end – how to delay it?

          The people who enjoy it know

          Craving – be sure to obey it.


(An Inverted Refrain Poem)

May 10

Spring Daze


The dogwood blooms in early May

Old leaves decay

Soft bees take flight

There’s more sunlight


New spring is dressed in subtle hues

Soft pinks, pale blues

Enhancing fast

As months go past


With rapid speed the colors shift

The change is swift

From pale to bright

With growing light.


(A Minute Poem)

April 28

Don’t Judge


Is that purple violet a weed?

No, Indeed!


Is the dandelion a pest?

Surely you jest!


What do I see in these beauties?

Precious cuties!


Let’s stop being so plant snooty

Stop judging every small flower

Without knowing its great power

No indeed, surely you jest! Precious cuties!


(An Ovillejo Poem)

April 24

The Katsura Tree


Heart shaped leaves of my favorite tree

Tinged with red, newly appear

Destined to be fall debris

Dusting the ground in yellow cheer

Graces our noses with scent of sugar cookie

Scintillating throughout the year.


(A Harrisham Rhyme)