December 29, 2022

And I Die…Don’t Cry

If by a bear I’m attacked

On a gorgeous out and back

And I die…Don’t cry

If on the open road practicing skills

On my motorcycle for ultimate thrills

And I die…Don’t cry

If walking on a path through the woods

And an old tree and a breeze do me in good

And I die…Don’t cry

If playing around in a river’s water white

Filled with adrenaline and delight

I die… Don’t cry

If on my snowboard I hit the wrong edge

And careen off a steep ledge

And I die…Don’t cry

If bike, boat, boots or board was a part

of the stopping of my heart

When I Die… Don’t Cry

Take comfort that I was in my happy place

and would’ve chosen no other time and space

So I died? Don’t Cry!

But if while sitting in an office chair

In the foul blue glow of computer glare

I die…then, then you may cry.

October 26



It was a year ago today

I said goodbye to you

Dear cat

I just didn’t know what to say

Somehow I think you knew

Smart cat


Your spunky presence filled the room

And filled my heart as well


The fifteen years ended too soon

So hard to say farewell

Tears streak


(A Memento Poem)

August 20

Feathered Backyard Pets


It’s hard when pets are companion to you

With chard they would be dinner for others

My yard is playpen for my feathered few

Regarded as farmyard to another

When one of my chicks has met her demise

The run no longer safe for happy hens

When fun has turned to tears escaping eyes

I’m done tamping the grave, sad once again

When wings and legs are menu selections

Crying over chickens is frowned upon

A thing to save for fuzzy affection

A sting allowed only when pets are gone

Adored as much as bowwow and meow

Therefore deserving of waterworks now.


(A Beymorlin Sonnet)

March 8 (A flashback Friday for Throwback Thursday)

In Memory of Grandma


Grandma liked men best, flirting without shame

Talking to each one as if he’s her next flame

Grandma liked cowboys in really tight jeans

In each rodeo she found the man of her dreams.

She read romance novels from cover to cover

As soon as one’s finished she picked up another.


She had a sly smile that went up on one side

And a sense of humor she tried to hide

But one look at the comics she taped to her fridge

Told you a lot about the humor she hid

Sending us cards for every special occasion

With neat handwriting in green felt-tipped pen


Grandma had a magical green thumb

Just name a plant, she could grow every one

Enormous Christmas cactus, blooming bright red

African violets with special lights overhead

Strawberries and veggies she didn’t even eat

For any plant, grandma’s house couldn’t be beat.


More than just plants, she raised a strong daughter too

Who always does the right thing to do

Who’s caring and thoughtful and kind to all creatures

Who’s influence from grandma is more than her features

Though we will miss grandma, her legacy lives on

In the caring strength and beauty of our mom.


(Throwback Poem)

(An Elegy Poem)

February 25

Fagus grandifolia – An Elegy


How tragic to see your current state

A fraction of your former self, age lines exposed

Your web of roots continuing to operate

Despite trunk, branches and sky being juxtaposed.

Your large beautiful being we did celebrate

You’d live forever we supposed

Your community contributions did motivate

And to your untimely death we were opposed.

As the value of your life we contemplate

We know another could never duplicate

You will never cease to fascinate

More of you we will try to cultivate.


(An Elegy)

February 24

Fagus grandifolia – An Epitaph


Here lies an American Beech

Who cleaned our water and scrubbed our air,

Kept animals safe from predators’ reach

And to wildlife, her beechnuts did share.


In her community she played a large part

And though her absence will be profound

Generations will continue, thanks to her heart

For now where she was, the sun hits the ground.


(An Epitaph)