September 28

Paper Wasp on Goldenrod


It’s always a surprise to see

Not sure why I’m surprised to see

Wasps fly from flower to flower

– – – – – I am not scared

Is it the lack of hair that scares?

Slick pollinators causing dread

It’s always a surprise, you see

– – – – – I am not scared

Simply observe, no one gets stung

Evil’s in the beholder’s eye

Marvel at nature’s keen brilliance

– – – – – I am not scared


(A Baccresieze Poem)

Wasp Pollination

July 22

Purple Beans


The purple beans are ready for harvest

From long vines upon the tired old fence

Of course there’s inspection with a taste test

Please believe the fresh-picked flavor is intense

Have to be sure not to eat the whole lot

Before I can get them into the pot.


(An English Sestet Poem)

May 22



I don’t know why but I grew it

To figure out now what to do

Bake, roast, mash, sauté, or stew it

To peel or leave as it grew.

          So sour to taste when I chew it

          These plants – don’t need more than a few


Rough green leaves grow to large sizes

Ruby red stalks are the best part

The flavor really surprises

Add sugar to make it less tart

          Sweeten when the chance arises

          Not eating the leaves is so smart


Don’t know if it’s veggie or fruit

All depends on how it’s applied

You ingest neither leaves nor root

Normally you don’t see it fried

          To grow is an easy pursuit

          To use you may be stupefied


I’m thrilled in my garden it grows

Each spring I choose to display it

In sauces and in pies it goes

Season’s end – how to delay it?

          The people who enjoy it know

          Craving – be sure to obey it.


(An Inverted Refrain Poem)