May 28

Happily Never After


Reflecting on the dreams of many years ago

When we were young and still evolving

Love was uncomplicated, life was slow

Around ourselves the world was revolving

As we grew our relationship was dissolving

I know who I am now, what I treasure

And having this new life is a pleasure.


(A Rime Royal)

May 12

(Inspired by) Sunset by Stella Elkins Tyler 1938


Just out of bed she receives some bad news

Devastated she collapses wholly

Deflated she takes the shape of her chair

Sinking deeply until she disappears


Slowly she inflates breathing in deeply

Emerging from the cracks of the cushions

Spine strengthening heart hardening, healing

Soul searching, not looking for answers.


Answers will not change what is the present

Without questions and without answers she

Pulls herself up into her new today

Moving her breath through her new body


It’s the best she can do, breathe in, breathe out

Emerging, strengthening, moving, healing.


( A Lannet Poem)

March 7

Lesson Learned


Did you know you can feel your heart break?

I learned that two short years ago today.

It is more than a twinge or a cramp or an ache

I was fearful it would not go away.

Turns out some time will mend a heartbreak

Though I feel the scars remain to this day.

It’s a good lesson to know what’s at stake

If you find you have someone’s heart someday.

There’s lessons in trauma, make no mistake

The worth of this is crucial to convey.


(A Ten-By-Ten Poem)

March 6

Bleeding Heart


Over the phone I learned the news

Because face-to-face you couldn’t bear

And so a coward’s way you choose

A funny way of showing care.

I actually felt my heart tear

Suddenly lost and all alone

Life became defined by despair

All because you have no backbone.


(Huitain Poem)

January 31

The Beginning of the End


He would not tell her what that paper said,

Turning pale after scanning what it read.

“Why won’t you share? What is your fortune?”

She thinks they both need to hear something fun.

Ghostly, glaring he eats the cookie instead.


He flicks the crumpled slip her way with dread

“A new love is blooming” the fortune read.

Eyes lift up from the words, “what have you done?”

He would not tell her.


“What have you done?” repeatedly she plead,

Heart and stomach dropping, as if of lead.

Knowing the challenges have just begun,

Knowing this was the ending of their fun,

Knowing the life as she knew it was dead

He would not tell her.


(A Rondeau Poem)