December 31


1 Year, 337 Poems, 320 Poetic Forms


Noisily tumble into salty puddles cleaning the winter away

Desperation due to desiccation

A dancer among the branches

Layered delicately ruffled and damp

Forming an army of silent patient shower spiders

But a jubilant jaunt to libation

Gangly kids tumble from the bus

Street-smart, city-wise, he is on his way

When we love ourselves as we love the other love becomes bold

One day the vine’s all green leaves and promise

It’s the best she can do, breathe in, breathe out

Where nature preaches I will be

Field guide in hand walking the land to understand

six wrinkled elbows buttress wrists and hands

Six legged sunrise

My parish is the biomass

Invisibly weakened by life so goes the heart

Curvaceous evolution

Avoiding the academic machine

Flair and glare reflecting in aviators, life somewhere between psychedelic dream and nightmare

No power button, just powerful

Too bad this ecosystem is ruled by thermostat

Life is this blue and pink treat ball

It is always practice

Stumps are shorthand for rains and winds withstood

Lust like every damn day

A stalled hurricane of potential

She’s missing the cock to her doodle do.


A Descort Poem