May 29

Home Sweet Home


Carolina wrens made a nest

Decided a tin can is best

To raise their brood

Now a bird house, not a tool shed

A place for songbirds to rest their heads

I provide food


Nest made of needles, leaves and moss

Tucked in next to the semi-gloss

Speckled eggs rest

Building’s been there less than a year

And these birds made it very clear

This shed is best.


(A Rime Couee Poem)

May 28

Happily Never After


Reflecting on the dreams of many years ago

When we were young and still evolving

Love was uncomplicated, life was slow

Around ourselves the world was revolving

As we grew our relationship was dissolving

I know who I am now, what I treasure

And having this new life is a pleasure.


(A Rime Royal)

May 27

Trifolium pratense


Improves the soil wherever it grows

Why call it a weed, I’ll never know

Lots of food for pollinating bees

Rabbits find it a delicacy

It is Vermont’s state flower

And known for its healing power

Great for butterflies, red clover.


(A Septet Poem)

May 26

Liriodendron tulipifera


The branches terminate gloriously

In flowers displaying magnificent

Shape, hidden overhead apically

Where winged wildlife investigate

Them, until descending elegantly

To forests’ humusy terra firma

Where humans finally appreciate.


(A Ropalic Poem)

May 25



One day the vine’s all green leaves and promise

Next day a solo flower opens wide

This year’s display I sure don’t want to miss

Each time I think to I observe wide-eyed

In a blink becomes stunningly adorned

Palm-sized flowers cover plant in masses

Those fuzzy green buds will never be mourned

If you can’t see beauty you need glasses

Counts among botanical badasses


(A Novelinee Poem)