July 24, 2019

Broken Finally



Waves of heat and


Deafening hum of sharp fan blades


Dehumidifier rattle

Replaced by tree frog chirps

Katydid buzz

Bird song


A Butterfly Cinquain Poem

November 17

Autumn Snowfall


An autumn snowstorm has all the allure

Burgundy and golden leaves fall

With the unique snowflakes

A surprising




Looks like nature’s mistake

Colors mixed with no color at all

A collection of all nature’s grandeur

Consistently proving she’s not a bore

She just can’t help but to enthrall

Puts all the time she takes

Slowly devising

Field work



The seasonal outbreaks

Bright sun, fall leaves, gray rains, snow squalls

An autumn snowstorm has all the allure.


(The Balance)

September 2

Real or Reality


Blank screen

Without it on I notice

The screech owl cooing in the dark quiet morning woods

The flimsy barrier of the screen door no resistance to the sound

And as the slightest hint of indigo

Begins to change the morning sky

Before any touch of golden sun appears

The barred owl also makes herself known

Echoing through the damp and still dark forest

As the dark, silent screen of the television

Reflects back to me my position

on the couch with morning tea

I can hear the faint content purr of Tom Cat

And feel his soft fur against my thigh

A small warm spot on this mild

Late summer morning

Another day beginning

As the golden enters the sky

A gentle breeze briefly causes the heavy dew to rain down

To the driveway from large leaves nearly ready to fall

With the spark of morning sun begins a chorus

First one loud clear voice above the constant din of katydid treble

Announcing the day has begun

Dozens more follow until the entire house and yard is filled with beginning

No power button just powerful.


(An Idyll Poem)

Image from public domain

August 19

Vernonia noveboracensis


Tall purple bloom of New York Ironweed

Perched atop towering stiff eight foot stalks

Up at the level where butterfly feed

Safe far above where the deer family walks

Providing so much that native bugs need

Putting small birds near the pathway of hawks.

Vernonia noveboracensis

Flower clouds loom over garden fences.

The perennial grows wild in fields

Flowering in late summer’s shortening days

Feeding migrating butterflies and birds

Pollen and nectar this native plant yields

And seeds upon which the songbirds will graze

Useful and pretty describe in two words.


(An Italian Sonnet)

August 15

Fallen Fungus


Oh dear the mushroom has been uprooted

Some careless walking has it uprooted

It sure looks like it’s been hiking-booted

The soft pine needle ground buffered its fall

It’s squat, short and stout with not far to fall

Do you think the person noticed it at all?

Amazingly for this organism

This is not death for this organism

Regardless of our own barbarism

Miles of mycelium supporting

Acres of hyphae supporting

Nearly immune to human cavorting

Mushrooms will thrive long after we are gone

As extinct as the great mastodon


(A Blues Sonnet)

August 25

Hibiscus moscheutos


Hibiscus flowers sparkle in the sun

Enormous blossoms undulate freely

Perennial and bold, astonishing

Like crepe, exquisite, splendid, delicate

Extraordinary and ordinary

Intensely colored designed for display

The bees can’t get enough pollen gold

And branches bend beneath the flowers’ heft

Each bloom’s display lasts only a day

But followed by another rapidly

The shriveled shuttlecock flowers tumble

To earth awaiting decomposition

As others take their places high above

Just filling the summer with amazing.


(A Blank Verse Sonnet)

July 28

Second Life


I can imagine

The gentle clatter

This leaf made when it

Tumbled to the ground

Brown paper bag stiff

The softest of sound

Tapping the gravel

Becoming earthbound


The softening starts

Rain penetrating

Intricate patterns

Of complex leaf parts

Wearing down that which

Is root counterpart

Though the leaf is downed

New life it has found


(An Octameter Poem)

July 16

Smells so Good… If I Remember


My favorite fragrance bloomed today

But I forgot to smell it

Took its picture every which way

But I forgot to smell it

Posted the photos on all those public spaces

But I didn’t take time to smell it

Noticed it blooming in other places

But I didn’t take time to smell it

About life and flowers, how goes that phrase?

You have to take time to smell them

Thank goodness I have a few more days

To take time to stop and smell them


(A Chant Poem)

July 15



Tiny seed settles in a crack

Dormant during the winter storms

Emerging from the dark tarmac

As the cold solid soil warms


Strongly choosing not to conform

Tiny seed settles in a crack

Seemingly bucking all the norms

Some folks may be taken aback


Of course there are a few drawbacks

But tradition doesn’t inform

Tiny seed settles in a crack

Persistently the plant performs


Through every season she transforms

For success she has quite the knack

While refusing to be uniform

Tiny seed settles in a crack.


(A Empat Empat Poem)