June 26, 2022

All the reproductive parts of Prickly Pear Cactus (Opuntia humifusa) on full display in this June flower.


A pragmatic word

Hiding passions, desires in

Four stern syllables

A Haiku Poem – more technically a 5-7-5 poem as traditionally haikus have a cutting word and reference the seasons.

A Vocabulary Poem – I write these poems when I come across words I don’t know to help me remember their definition.

May 8, 2020

Garlic in rows



Read a new word, not sure how to say it


Googled and found out it’s a way to say

Keeps evil away

This word’s apt for sage and crucifix

And bulbs of garlic

Some will say they are purely symbolic

While others may believe quite sincerely

What I do know is the meaning quite clearly

Apotropaic keeps evil away and bulbs of garlic



November 28



An archaic term

Old-fashioned, antiquated

Yet we witness living examples daily

On television, on radio

In big white houses and small suburban homes

Perhaps not obsolete but modern

Perhaps not irrelevant but relevant

Perhaps not anachronistic but timely

We need a new way to describe daily horror

Why not use an outmoded term

Describing modern behavior perfectly?


(A Free Verse Poem)

November 22

Burnt Sienna


A new box of crayons waxy points undented

Deep in my mind the fragrance is cemented

It’s wasn’t until I saw a bald cypress tree in fall

That I had any idea what burnt sienna was at all

Detours out of thick black lines once lamented

In reality my vocabulary augmented


My world is colored by crayolas pigmented

Names partnered with hues gave me the wherewithal

To precisely describe my world big and small

Into my memory these colors are cemented.


(A Sonnetina Quatro)

November 7



They say this word is obsolete

But I don’t know how that can be

When it creates a thought complete

About the woods surrounding me


(A Redondilla Poem)

(A Spanish Quatrain)

November 4

Bored is Not in My Vocabulary


Teach some students with a whiteboard

Sharpen my skills on a chessboard

Can’t be bored


Challenge my fears on a surfboard

Tour calm lakes on a paddleboard

Won’t be bored


Earn a degree and a mortarboard

Write a new poem on the keyboard

Can’t be bored


Memorize the guitar fretboard

With friends throw darts at the dartboard

Won’t be bored


Maybe I’ll learn to skateboard

Finally learn to jump my snowboard

What is bored?


(A Poem inspired by the Compound Word Verse. Modified the form)

June 4



I learned a new word

From author Annie Dillard

Describing the sound

Of my favorite place to be

Where boulders and water meet.


(A Waka Poem)

(A Tanka Poem)

Inspired by reading Annie Dillard‘s Pilgrim at Tinker Creek. This is just one of the many words I had to look up while reading this book.

May 17


(Inspired by Pensive or Thoughtful Mood a 1939 sculpture by Stella Elkins Tyler)


Rubenesque a negative

Willowy a positive

Zaftig to avoid

Slender to attain

Chubby a dislike

Skinny a desire

Stout to loathe

Svelte to long

Why do these words dictate decisions and self-worth

When they say nothing about inner beauty and character?


(A Decastitch Poem)