June 26, 2022

All the reproductive parts of Prickly Pear Cactus (Opuntia humifusa) on full display in this June flower.


A pragmatic word

Hiding passions, desires in

Four stern syllables

A Haiku Poem – more technically a 5-7-5 poem as traditionally haikus have a cutting word and reference the seasons.

A Vocabulary Poem – I write these poems when I come across words I don’t know to help me remember their definition.

November 14, 2019

Root System Morphology of Oregon White Oak on a Glacial Outwash Soil


Deep tap root with fire

And poorly drained soils, gravel

Creates laterals


Read the Research

A Sciku

November 13

Like the pine needles

Quieting every footstep

On the asphalt path


A long walk outside

Quiets the noise in my mind

In only moments


Needled evergreens

Buffer the sounds of the road

The park is peaceful


Gone from the office

Far from the water cooler

And daily grumbles


A needed lunchtime escape

Prepared for the afternoon


(A Haiku Sonnet)

September 23

Urban Gardeners


Swiss urban green thumbs

Go green for food, social, health

Reasons, wealth matters


(A sciku Poem)

A poetic synthesis of the conclusions of the research article

“Digging for the roots of urban gardening behaviours”