September 18

Sicyos angulatus


The bur cucumber

Winds its way

Across fence lumber

Tendrils stray


An annual vine

On display

Hairy stems that twine

Prevent sway


Flowers licked by bees

On pathway

Spiny fruits don’t please

Deer today.


(A Cromorna Poem)

May 7

Wildflower Wander


With my sweetheart Wandering winded along a

Winding wooded path of

Waving wild flowers in the

Warming weather without

Worry and wearing wonder welcoming the

Wisdom of this wildflower wilderness and

Woodland with towering white oak.


(A Tongue Twister Poem)

March 22

I See A Smile




                                      Wearing a

                                New white hat of



(A Lanturne Poem)

March 12

Change is on the way


Skunk cabbage! The first sign that spring

Is just a few sunsets away,

It’s mottled flowers reminding

To set the clocks forward timing

Transition to new kinds of play.


Near time to stow board and bindings

Pull tent and bike from where they stay

Prepare for warm weather hiking.

Don’t yet put snow gear in hiding

Maybe we’ll still have a snow day.


(A Copla Real Poem)