October 22



Colossal samara sculpture spinning

The gentle breeze provoking giant seed

Around the garden at a ghostly speed

The bronze patinaed green and weathered well

Enormous silent, it has me grinning

The towering art, not aunaturel


(A Wordsworth Sestet)

October 7

At Rest


Simply resting in the dropseed

Reclined among the beautiful

Mighty fine respite indeed

Gaze stays the same through the seasons.

All my senses I must employ

Remaining right here for reasons

Among the nature I enjoy


I never tire of the view

In fact it energizes me

Through time there’s always something new.

Just leave me right here, I am fine

Under my blanket of grasses

Gathering up all the sunshine

Just art to the passing masses.


(A Saraband Poem)

October 6

Stone Seeds


The acorns soundly lie

Beneath oak trees sky high

Too large to yield to whims of squirrels

Will never multiply

While others sprout nearby

From stone seeds only silence unfurls.


(A Short Particular Measure Poem)

July 31



A large gray mansion built of Wissahickon schist

With 45 rooms embellished in wood grain

Is more impressive when the details aren’t missed.

Easy to be distracted by size insane

In the small details the real wonder exists

The charm of stone flowers is hard to explain

The home’s grandeur is the point some may insist

It’s these small stone blooms that keep it from mundane


(A Sicilian Octave Poem)

July 19

Permanent Bloom


In a garden full of real blooms

I’m drawn to the metal flowers

On the gates of the garden rooms


Lasting eons instead of hours

Never bothered by garden pests

Patinaed by weather’s power


Within may still find insect nests

Though not a perfect habitat

Upon it you’ll find a bird rests


(An Enclosed Triplet Poem)

May 17


(Inspired by Pensive or Thoughtful Mood a 1939 sculpture by Stella Elkins Tyler)


Rubenesque a negative

Willowy a positive

Zaftig to avoid

Slender to attain

Chubby a dislike

Skinny a desire

Stout to loathe

Svelte to long

Why do these words dictate decisions and self-worth

When they say nothing about inner beauty and character?


(A Decastitch Poem)

May 12

(Inspired by) Sunset by Stella Elkins Tyler 1938


Just out of bed she receives some bad news

Devastated she collapses wholly

Deflated she takes the shape of her chair

Sinking deeply until she disappears


Slowly she inflates breathing in deeply

Emerging from the cracks of the cushions

Spine strengthening heart hardening, healing

Soul searching, not looking for answers.


Answers will not change what is the present

Without questions and without answers she

Pulls herself up into her new today

Moving her breath through her new body


It’s the best she can do, breathe in, breathe out

Emerging, strengthening, moving, healing.


( A Lannet Poem)