February 21, 2021

Snow Angels

Plastic wrap gaiters secured with twine protect the transition from cotton sweatpants to leather work boots.

A well-tuned rumble shattering the muffled morning as he heads up the hill to my drive.

Snowy morning smell replaced by fumes of gas and oil immediately unearthing memories of my dad.

This vintage machine, made when machines were mostly metal, is piloted by ages of experience and a depth of mechanical knowledge I envy. It displaces snow practically, usefully, purposefully, precisely out of the way so I can move another machine about which I know so little.

“I’ll help you with the heavy snow at the end of the drive” he says while idling. “Thank you so much” I say. “Just being neighborly” he says, the end of the sentiment engulfed by the increasing throttle as he turns, heading back down the hill to home.

The cushioned silence greets me as I open the door. It’s early enough that snowblower rattles and shovel scrapes are not yet replacing Carolina Wren song.

Plodding through inches of snow, I am not yet ready to begin the tasks required to accommodate a normal day’s activities.

Heading to a flat open spot covered deep in snow, I fall backwards without worry, certain this mattress of frozen hexagons will catch me softly, conforming to my curves as much as any memory foam.

Smiling into the blue sky I move my long arms and legs in arcs, uselessly, impractically, for no reason but sensation, for no purpose but pleasure.

February 20, 2020

Dots dashes spots splashes

Patterns of Morse code for the bees

Moths and flies fly from skies

Descending from up in the trees

Finding sweet nectar treat

At the tail end of winter freeze

Early blooms fragrant fumes

Wake insects from their winter zzzz

Naturette Poem

8 lines with the following syllable count and rhyme scheme about small finds in nature.









January 8, 2020

Liquidambar styraciflua


Snow boots near spiky fruits

Seeds far from the capsules by now

Dropped in turds spread by birds

Away from the blades of a plow

Just the shell where it fell

After tumbling from a bough

debris under a tree

But still helping with life somehow


Invented poetic form


8 lines with the following rhyme scheme and (syllable count) about small finds in nature.


B (8)

CC (6)

B (8)

DD (6)

B (8)

EE (6)

B (8)

January 30, 2019

Party Favors


Silently unfurling

Sunshine and warmth for breath

Celebrating the dormant cold

Quietly and alone

Like me as snowflakes and

Mercury tumble down around.


Metaphor and simile poem

December 20


This Rain Shoulda Been Snow


This rain shoulda been snow

It’s December 20

But it’s sixty degrees

It is disconcerting

I worry for the trees


This rain shoulda been snow

The creeks rise once again

noisily tumbling

behind the town’s facade

groaning grumbling


this rain shoulda been snow

feet accumulating

softly and silently

muting society –

the rains acts violently


This rain shoulda been snow

hoping winter gets cold

that the cold hard rains stop

and the snow starts at last

Please send flake over drop


A Monchielle Stanza

December 21




Whose woods these are I think I know

One must have a mind of winter to regard the frost and the boughs of the pine-trees crusted with snow

On a clear winter’s evening the crescent moon and the round squirrels nest in the bare oak all equal planets

Thus having prepared their buds against a sure winter the wise trees stand sleeping in the cold

Suddenly, in every tree, an unseen nest where a mountain would be


A Cento Poem

Lines from the following poems about winter:

Winter Trees – William Carlos Williams

Choices – Tess Gallagher

Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening – Robert Frost

The Snow Man – Wallace Stevens

Winter Twilight – Anne Porter


December 18


A liquid moon moves gently among the long branches


There is little better than a

winter night with a hearty meal, some select liquid

and your hunny with the full moon

creating shadows in the house as it moves

across the sky, dancing with the stars gently

and we full and bundled up slip among

bare trees over crisp leaves and cold water, the

night early and still cooling, no night will be as long

holding hands nearly off balance we watch through the bare branches


A Golden Shovel Poem based on Winter Trees by William Carlos Williams

December 17



The Best Things in Life Aren’t Things


The time has arrived to celebrate

Best time of the year, some disagree

Things like cold, snow and short days dissuade

In fact I will not live without it

Life without winter cannot be great

Aren’t these humid summer months crappy?

Things are best with snowflakes, I’m afraid.


(A Bumper Sticker Poem)

Bumper Sticker Poems – a form I created, inspired by cento and golden shovel poetry, with the following guidelines:

  • Using a bumper sticker as inspiration use the words in the bumper sticker as the first word in each line of the poem
  • The theme of the poem may or may not have anything to do with the message of the sticker
  • Title should be the words of the bumper sticker
  • Should be rhymed
  • 9 syllable lines
  • Number of lines depends on number of words on the bumper sticker

November 19



Two roads diverged in a wintery wood

They will converge again with different tales

One trail to the creek, one between hardwoods

One should keep your feet dry, boulders to scale

Other entails wet rocks hops and strong deadwood

Each would be a challenge, now to pick a trail


(A Wreathed Sestet with a nod to Robert Frost)