March 4

Snow Day


To work I am nonessential

Doesn’t matter my credential

So I get the day off to play

When they close for a snow day

I’ll admit that’s just fine with me

Hunkered at home is where I’ll be.


It’s okay I’m not essential

Mainly when weather’s torrential

I’ll do my best to stay away

And try to hide my great dismay

Keeping calm seems to be the key

To hiding my snow day glee.


In this free day there’s potential

Found time the most consequential

Though in my home I will stay

I’ll get to work without delay

Staying as busy as a bee

As if I’m my own employee


At home I am influential

Time spent is experiential

While I believe play’s my forte

Sometimes the chores outweigh

So I stay here rather than flee

And get the work done around me.


No this is not preferential

Nor is it inconsequential

To spend my free day in this way

From my to-do list I don’t stray

But before too long I will flee

To the mountains or woods for glee


It’s okay I’m nonessential

About that I shout hooray

I’ll enjoy it I’ll guarantee


(A Chanso Poem)