January 20

An Afternoon at Elk


Air is fresh and crisp, a new pair of

Bindings tightened down to ride afternoon

Corduroy and

Diamonds, squares and circles.

Enough space to spread out crowds,

Fallen flakes

Groomed into packed powder.

Hours spent on trails

In our own little worlds of

Jumping or not

Keeping up with each other or not.

Long lifts, longer runs with my hunny,

Midday sun warming bodies, softening snow

Needing to unzip and ventilate between runs

Off with the gloves and onto the lifts

Parting crowds of skiers and riders at the top

Quickly heading to where people are fewer.

Riding, turning, carving

S-turns and speed checks

Tinted goggles and tricky ice patches

Unexpected but not upsetting the flow, the fun.

Vertical of 1000′

Which isn’t a lot but the air is still

Xeric, drying exposed cheeks and chins, chapping lips

Yes we will be back

Zipping, slipping, sliding enjoying riding.

(An alphabet poem)

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