January 24



Plate full of pistachio shells

Those salty nuts are delicious

On the calories I won’t dwell

But at least they are nutritious.


At eating these nuts I excel

The cracking gets repetitious

It’s at least one thing I do well

And they say they are nutritious.


Take them away and I will yell

To share them I am judicious

There really is no parallel

I promise they are nutritious.


The number eaten I can’t tell

When few are left it gets vicious

Eat too many and feel unwell

But at least they are nutritious.


(A Kriele poem)

2 thoughts on “January 24

  1. Sounds kinda nutty to me!

    Soft-shell pecans are my nut of choice
    When I can get them I certainly rejoice!
    It takes a trip thru Georgia to renew my stash
    A few hundred miles and a fair amount of cash.
    With pineapple yogurt they make a great lunch, stopping at six but I could eat a whole bunch!

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