July 28

Second Life


I can imagine

The gentle clatter

This leaf made when it

Tumbled to the ground

Brown paper bag stiff

The softest of sound

Tapping the gravel

Becoming earthbound


The softening starts

Rain penetrating

Intricate patterns

Of complex leaf parts

Wearing down that which

Is root counterpart

Though the leaf is downed

New life it has found


(An Octameter Poem)

July 18

Natural Art


As intricate as the patterns on a quilt

Subtle color, fine beauty beyond belief

Like an old stained glass window complete with gilt

Fascinating as a headdress on a chief

As complicated as the new building built

Textured like mosaic or bas relief

Reflecting sunlight like a jewelry box spilt

How can anyone think this is just a leaf?


(An Italian Octave)