July 11

Bug of Courage


Spotted a flower

Spotted a bug

Bug off

Bug out

Out and about

Out of the blue

Blue-eyed girl

Blue in the face

Face to face

Face value

Value judgement

Value of hard work

Work both ways

Works like a dream

Dream on

Dream come true

True blue

True love

Love is blind

Love of my life

Life of the party

Life is good

Good to go

Good and plenty

Plenty of fish

Plenty of exercise

Exercise caution

Exercise daily

Daily meditation

Daily grind

Grind your gears

Grind to a halt

Halt production

Halt in my tracks

Tracks down

Tracks in the snow

Snow on the mountain

Snow White

White knuckle

White magic

Magic bullet

Magic moment

Moment in time

Moment of truth

Truth hurts

Truth is courage

Courage to love

Courage to trust




(A Blitz Poem)

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