December 8

The world is my country, all mankind my brethren and to do good is my religion


The ambition is solitary

World domination is not the goal

Is happiness enough to fulfill?

My calm is my sanctuary

Country walks fill an important role

All creatures great and small matter still

Mankind is evolutionary

Are we able to display control?

My fear is that we won’t know until

Brethren and sistren may be wary

And we wonder what we can do as a whole

To cover the planet in goodwill

Do good until it’s involuntary

Good until we all emerge a whole

Is this a struggle that’s all uphill?

My trust is in all of existence

Religion is peace with persistence.


(A Bumper Sticker Poem)

Bumper Sticker Poems – a form I created, inspired by cento and golden shovel poetry, with the following guidelines:

  • Using a bumper sticker as inspiration use the words in the bumper sticker as the first word in each line of the poem
  • The theme of the poem may or may not have anything to do with the message of the sticker
  • Title should be the words of the bumper sticker
  • Should be rhymed
  • 9 syllable lines
  • Number of lines depends on number of words on the bumper sticker

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