August 4

Nature Distilled


This scene is like something I’ve seen

Just look there’s a hare under there

And a tree with Medusa Hair

A sapphire diamond sky gleams

Soil layers serpentine

Giant blooms sent high in the air

Amazing life when roots aren’t there

It’s nature but there’s no green

Is that a partridge on the limb?

Not a pear so chances are slim

The wild we see distilled to shapes

It’s nature at the artist’s whim

Perhaps as the sun starts to dim

A fractured and compelling landscape.


(French Sonnet)

June 5

Nigella damascena


Sky blue and sapphire, sharp angles and points

These annual flowers never disappoint

Amidst a sea of ferny feathery leaves

Soft delicate look definitely deceives

Angled flowers fade, curvy seed heads appear

Purple striped sage green pods house seeds of next year

Love-in-a-mist some say it grows like a weed

Returning year after year from those small seeds


(A Mathnawi Poem)