February 20, 2020


A pale green glossy sheen

With some rough patches here and there

Foliose, Fruticose

Living symbols of good clean air

Dwell on boles and phone poles

Employing support anywhere

Algal fused with fungal

Look for them nearly everywhere



8 lines with the following rhyme scheme and (syllable count) about small finds in nature.


B (8)

CC (6)

B (8)

DD (6)

B (8)

EE (6)

B (8)

July 29



The beauty of lichens up close

As lovely as a coral reef

Tightly bound and crust-like – crustose

Diversity beyond belief

Pebble-like, clustered – squamulose

No need for SCUBA and debrief

The beauty of lichens up close

As lovely as a coral reef


Flat sheets and leaf-like – foliose

Closely explored in disbelief

Free-standing, branching – fruticose

A terra-firma reef motif

The beauty of lichens up close

As lovely as a coral reef


(A Rondel Prime Poem)

April 9

Photo by Carl J Fichter

Rock Garden


Walking flat gray gravel trail hand in hand

Soft sound of ground crunching under boots

Taking in the sights along the creek and land

Observing from the canopy to roots

Trekking slowly from hilltop to wetlands

Hearing birds and their chirps, caws and toots

Suddenly something grabs my attention

The names of the plants I can’t help but mention.


A rock garden rises next to the trail

Distracting, attracting, enchanting me

Maroon, bright green, blue covering gray shale

No flowers yet to attract the bee

Petite young leaves are anything but frail

Colors and textures abound early

On this cool gray day these are welcome sites

Nature’s vertical rock garden delights.


(An Ottava Rima Poem)

January 29

Life Among the Living


Lichens and Moss

Pale blue, gray and dark green

Damp and ruffled, delicately layered

Decorated branches

Weighted with


With weighted

Branches decorated

Layered delicately ruffled and damp

Green dark, and gray, blue pale

Moss and lichens.


(A Palindrome Poem)