October 4

Pale freckled skin, keeps organs in

Protects me from the sun

All this flecking, requires checking

To the doctors I run


In cotton gown, I wait around

For examination

New magazines, computer screens

Office decoration


Skin is assessed, concerns addressed

At my age my spots change

Scanning processed, I can get dressed

We talk short range, long range


Have the “all clear”, return next year

Keep wearing the sunscreen

New spots appear, please have no fear

We’ll do the same routine


(A Triquatrain Poem)

May 25



One day the vine’s all green leaves and promise

Next day a solo flower opens wide

This year’s display I sure don’t want to miss

Each time I think to I observe wide-eyed

In a blink becomes stunningly adorned

Palm-sized flowers cover plant in masses

Those fuzzy green buds will never be mourned

If you can’t see beauty you need glasses

Counts among botanical badasses


(A Novelinee Poem)