October 12

Night Blooming Cereus


Single bloom filled the evening greenhouse with its scent


Glowing in its aloneness among the many greens

Warmed by heater, cooled by ridge vent


Oh so regal, a true hot house queen


The fragrance designed to lure moths and bats


Night time flyers privileged to see the show

Too bad this ecosystem is ruled by thermostat


This bloom moths and bats will never know


(A Goethe Stanza Poem)

August 17

Pawtuckaway Paddle


Is there anything better than sunset

Viewed from a kayak on a quiet lake?

Not sure how much more lucky one gets

Being able to take this nature break.

Sunlight for exploring, there’s a ton yet

But people head in for their burgers and steak

Perhaps to care for a homebound fun pet

Leaving only me, the herons and drake.

Silhouettes and ripples and reflections

Take shape as the sun slowly yields to night

Bugs, frogs, and bird songs rise in perfection

And bat acrobatics start to delight.

It’s here I feel a natural connection

Made possible by the pending twilight.


(A Sicilian Sonnet)