April 30, 2019

The Brilliance of Women


Difficult Women

The Woman and her work

You can’t keep a good woman down

Too bright to hear too loud to see

All the light we cannot see

Everything matters

Although of course you end up becoming yourself.


Book Spine Poetry

August 1

True Story


Again postponing morning’s stale routine

To reach the end of the chapters last line

I’ve quietly fallen into pages rapt.

Removing myself from this fictional scene

A task that feels impossible this time

In this real-feeling, fake story I’m wrapped.

The day is getting brighter here I lay

Departure time has come and gone, I stay

Ignoring alarms, foregoing caffeine

Avoiding clock faces, lunch is unmade.

This time is luxurious and obscene

My arrival at work will be delayed

Avoiding the academic machine

Entrenched deeply in fiction unafraid.


(An Alfred Dorn Sonnet)

May 3

Successful Trip to the Bookstore


I softly sink into a brand new novel

Patiently paging through all of the chilling chapters

finding free spirits and hopeless heroes

relinquishing reality without worry

Delightful drama, hidden humor

comforting, complex, endlessly engaging

disappearing deeply in clever content.


(An Alliterisen Poem)