June 25

Art at the Tire Shop


I found art in the local tire store

While waiting for four new wheels and rear brakes

I have to wait, what more can I ask for?


What’s hidden inside is a mystery

It’s original form is history


Now a focal piece and a chair no more

Was the start of this a small mistake?

Or has the creator done this before?


You can find art in the strangest places

Beyond museums and display spaces


What artwork do I miss as I explore

Gathering groceries, addressing toothaches

Adding some excitement to what may bore


I need to live with my eyes open wide

Just never knowing where beauty does hide


Art is a lump covered in labels galore

At flea markets and on grocery store cakes

Or the dark doodles on a bathroom door


The art you see is in your state of mind

To what you call art others may be blind


It is of you reader I do implore

Remember in art there is no mistake

A happy accident someone will adore


Art is more than purchases from the store

It’s stickers and stencils and meter breaks

It’s more than home furnishing decor

It can be a chair at the tire store.


(A Gra Reformata Poem)

April 21

What You Can Tell About Me from Today’s Clothes Line


Denim jeans I wear a lot

PJs are in stripes and dots


My wardrobe comes in greens and blues

And occasionally brighter hues


No paper napkins at my table

Don’t pay much mind to laundry labels


No little children in this home reside

No theme to my house can be found inside.


For separating colors I have no care

Hanging unmentionables I will not dare.


(A Con-Verse Poem)