December 1

In the Beginning Man Created God


In life it’s important to question

The assumptions we bring to our worlds

Beginning and ending within us

Man may bristle at the suggestion

Created when opinions are hurled

God, let’s reduce this uncivil fuss.


(A Bumper Sticker Poem)

Bumper Sticker Poems – a form I created, inspired by cento and golden shovel poetry, with the following guidelines:

  • Using a bumper sticker as inspiration use the words in the bumper sticker as the first word in each line of the poem
  • The theme of the poem may or may not have anything to do with the message of the sticker
  • Title should be the words of the bumper sticker
  • Should be rhymed
  • 9 syllable lines
  • Number of lines depends on number of words on the bumper sticker

November 16



On my morning commute

I stopped at the sign

Fleeting moments captured


Just like every damn day

But today was different

Translucent, transcendent


Just like every damn day

The sky was bright, so was the sign

Seconds stalled to permanence


As the frost slipped down

Revealing alarming red

Temporary forever


(A Line Messaging Poem)

June 23

Mid-life Career Change


I’d like to drive a race car

Earn a living driving fast

Drive fast today and I might

Pay speeding tickets


I’ve always had a lead foot

Here’s a way to make money

Making a living and I

Don’t have to slow down


The environmentalist

In me knows this is a waste

But my inner speed demon

Wants to race a car


(A few Dodoitsu Poems)