February 25

Fagus grandifolia – An Elegy


How tragic to see your current state

A fraction of your former self, age lines exposed

Your web of roots continuing to operate

Despite trunk, branches and sky being juxtaposed.

Your large beautiful being we did celebrate

You’d live forever we supposed

Your community contributions did motivate

And to your untimely death we were opposed.

As the value of your life we contemplate

We know another could never duplicate

You will never cease to fascinate

More of you we will try to cultivate.


(An Elegy)

February 24

Fagus grandifolia – An Epitaph


Here lies an American Beech

Who cleaned our water and scrubbed our air,

Kept animals safe from predators’ reach

And to wildlife, her beechnuts did share.


In her community she played a large part

And though her absence will be profound

Generations will continue, thanks to her heart

For now where she was, the sun hits the ground.


(An Epitaph)