October 18

Anemone japonica


White Japanese Anemone blooms

When the days grow shorter

While lighting up garden rooms

Wonderful during the season’s third quarter


How lovely are these flowers

Happiness on a stem

Hanging on into colder hours

Heroic late season gem


Only people who dare traverse

Onto garden paths in fall

Open their eyes and are immersed

Oddly in the beauty of it all


Nearing the end of the season

Nifty leaves change their hues

No they’re not the only reason

Needed to get out and enjoy the view.


( A Trolaan Poem)

June 1

He Loves Me He Loves Me Not


He loves me, he loves me not he

Loves me, the white petals tell me

As they drift slowly to the ground

Falling to earth without a sound

Scattered all around, telling me our loves agree


No answer from the yellow core

The flower is useful no more

Have I wasted all its glory

Confirming my own love story

No longer in the garden for bees to adore?


(A Florette #2 Poem)