December 18


A liquid moon moves gently among the long branches


There is little better than a

winter night with a hearty meal, some select liquid

and your hunny with the full moon

creating shadows in the house as it moves

across the sky, dancing with the stars gently

and we full and bundled up slip among

bare trees over crisp leaves and cold water, the

night early and still cooling, no night will be as long

holding hands nearly off balance we watch through the bare branches


A Golden Shovel Poem based on Winter Trees by William Carlos Williams

January 22

I come into the presence of still water

When confused, overwhelmed muddled or unsure I

   grab my boat, my paddle, my vest, my gear and ask friends and family to come.

We set shuttle, we change clothes, we unload gear, we quietly, gently slip into

the water of the moment, running river, ripples and rapids, the

current slowly, maybe quickly carrying my boat and my worries and doubts away, requiring presence.

Focus, concentration, joy settles in place of

doubt and confusion creating a mind and soul that’s still

despite the movement of the water.

(A Golden Shovel poem Featuring a line from The Peace of Wild Things by Wendell Berry)