October 28



When the moths no longer welcome me home

I know that winter is soon on the way

It’s sad to slip past the porch light alone

No night flying lovelies amidst the glow

Acknowledging the end of the work day

Tawny and buff with stripes of color for show

They are as compelling as the night sky

Hiding among ridges of bark by day

Emerging at night to dance as they fly


(A Nocturna Poem)

May 9

Night Fliers


Flattened against the house wall

Moths appear on warming nights

Electric duping instinct

Hunkered under bright porch lights


Not dull or boring at all

Butterflies with evening flight

Flecked, ruffled each one distinct

Look closely, they will delight.


(A Jueju Poem – Qijue Form)