March 8 (A flashback Friday for Throwback Thursday)

In Memory of Grandma


Grandma liked men best, flirting without shame

Talking to each one as if he’s her next flame

Grandma liked cowboys in really tight jeans

In each rodeo she found the man of her dreams.

She read romance novels from cover to cover

As soon as one’s finished she picked up another.


She had a sly smile that went up on one side

And a sense of humor she tried to hide

But one look at the comics she taped to her fridge

Told you a lot about the humor she hid

Sending us cards for every special occasion

With neat handwriting in green felt-tipped pen


Grandma had a magical green thumb

Just name a plant, she could grow every one

Enormous Christmas cactus, blooming bright red

African violets with special lights overhead

Strawberries and veggies she didn’t even eat

For any plant, grandma’s house couldn’t be beat.


More than just plants, she raised a strong daughter too

Who always does the right thing to do

Who’s caring and thoughtful and kind to all creatures

Who’s influence from grandma is more than her features

Though we will miss grandma, her legacy lives on

In the caring strength and beauty of our mom.


(Throwback Poem)

(An Elegy Poem)

March 1 – ThrowBack




Is a fucked up thing

You think your shit’s bad

Just open your heart to

Another person.

Get them comfortable with you, listen

Earn their trust.

Then you’ll maybe get some perspective.

You think life’s fucked up?

Nope – not even a little

Life is fucking fantastic

Share it with someone struggling

Be kind. Have empathy. Listen.

Perspective is the greatest gift.


(Throwback Poem)

February 22 – Throwback

For the second night in a row

I can’t sleep thinking about you.

This has happened before since

We’ve spoken, these butterflies keeping

Me up all night.


But the past two evenings

Are quite different

Causing nervousness in a different way

Tonight you told me your deepest darkest

Secret, family doesn’t know only

Former spouse, who became former because of it, this secret, this past.


This heartache you experienced this

Loss of innocence has changed you

I will never know the person you

May have been had this never

Happened to you, but I know you’re

A pretty great person now.


Insomnia comes with the weight

Of being told something of such

Gravity in confidence but it

Must not compare to the

struggles you have endured

As you walked your path

dealing with this.


I hardly know you – do you

have a middle name? Were

you named for a family

member? Do you have a

Favorite color? Yet, now

I know this about you.


My heart is heavy

My brain is spinning

My soul is sad for you


But because I am me

Because I have never experienced

Anything like this

Because no one else has ever told

Me anything of such gravity and I

Don’t know what’s possible

Or impossible


I have hope. I am full

Of optimism. I see happy days.

I see healthy days. You

already seem so well-adjusted

It’s just this one thing, one

Enormous thing.


I don’t know how to help

I can only listen, without judgement

And hope you know I am

Here for you, to help you

sleep if you need, to help you

Find words if they’re lost. To help

You quiet your mind. To help

You lighten your heart.


I am here. You are

Wonderful, amazing

Strong, caring, kind, loving.