November 5

Rainy Day


Heavy chunky rainclouds rumble

For my bumbershoot I bumble

And raincoat


Lightning makes me feel humble

Into my rainboots I stumble

In rainfall


This weather makes others grumble

Into the puddles I’ll tumble

In rainstorms


During my commute I mumble

Liquid windshield world a jumble

The rainscape


Do not let the camera tumble

To catch the fleeting I fumble

A rainbow


(A Compound Word Verse)

June 2

Puddle Jumper


Pulling these on for the most soggy of days

Dry socks, warm feet

Jumping into the center of puddles

Up down, repeat

Joy and laughter from a grown up person

Rain drop athlete

I will never begrudge a rainy day

As long as I can get outside and play.


(A Cavatina Poem)