February 4

Super Bowl Sunday


A spectacle of athleticism and division

A source of negativity and derision

Money changing hands both in the field and in the stands.

All on display through the high def television.


For nearly two hours you follow the ball

Downs, catches and rushes you watch them all

The win’s a surprise and the tears in their eyes

Show the many dimensions of football.


(A couple of Quatrain Poems)

January 26

On the occasion of Robert Burns’ 259 birthday yesterday.


My love is like red red roses

Uttered Bobby Burns to she

Newly sprung in June he supposes

Good thing he didn’t say it to me.


I know those new red red roses

Aphids and beetles do assail

While fragrance goes up our noses

They are blitzed by fungus and scale.


Bobby Burns you can keep your rose

I have no interest in the work.

Why is it a red rose you chose?

You didn’t do your homework, jerk.


(A quatrain poem)